Sneaker Portfolio

I’m currently pursuing the FIT x Complex Sneaker Essentials Program, and I created this design for the assignment of creating an image that features your Top 9 Sneakers, along with all of the information on that shoe. Lately I’ve been gravitating toward greys, neutrals, cream tones- this image definitely speaks to that. I wanted to design this Top 9 to look like a shopping app- for this one I was inspired by Bodega‘s layout, but wanted it to match my colors in the shoes. So no neon green, no black bar on top. I wanted to imagine shopping apps without anything flashy- just focused on an aesthetic and not bombard the user with any colors outside of the items themselves.

I sourced these images of the products from StockX or Google, and most were on dark grey backgrounds- I took them over into Photoshop and gave them a uniform background and adjusted the shadows for a more cohesive look.

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