Smooth Sailin’ Ashley Remington

I created this design for ProWrestlingTees for Dalton Castle, AKA Ashley Remington. This shirt is available for sale here. Dalton Castle is a wrestler in Ring of Honor, but occasionally wrestles outside of this promotion and that’s when you might be lucky enough to see the Ashley Remington personality appear. This alternate persona is based in that his wealthy uncle who recently passed away left Ashley his fortune- on one condition, that he spends it as lavishly as he did when he was alive. Yachts, precious jewels, traveling, you name it. I saw this persona once when I thought I was about to see Dalton Castle and I was so inspired to create this design afterward.
Smooth Sailin’ Ashley Remington shirt available on ProWrestlingTees here.
Alternate version of this design I created to reflect the swampy Floridian waters, where I saw him wrestle.

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