A Gift For You

Another commission for The MadLila, this time in the form of gift cards. The owner of the shop was looking for a vintage graphic to be paired with the necessary text on a gift card. I was inspired by post card graphics I had seen at the antique shop that The MadLila used to operate in the same building as, upstairs from it in a 100+ year old mill building that houses local businesses.
Pictured above is the design ready to be printed by the client. The shop owner wanted the ability to print these gift cards with a standard printer, and not need to order them due to a complicated design or file format. I met them where they were, and supplied a design that would meet these needs.

Pictured above is a promotion that happened mid-July 2020 between New Bedford Luxury Exchange and The MadLila. The promotion was a raffle, and the winner received this $50 gift card AND the Louis Vuitton purse shown. I love seeing my designs come to life and interacting with other items- the color of the lettering is awesome against this brick wall.

This gift card design was also featured in a post by the shop owner, with a tote bag featuring another design by me. Having clients that keep coming back and having multiple products you’ve created pictured together is really a rewarding feeling.

Below is a picture also posted by the shop owner, when they received a shipment of the same design on stickers.

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