The Bad Boy Joey Janela Panther

“Joey Janela” was my first design featured on ProWrestlingTees. I saw Joey Janela wrestle in Massachusetts for Evolve 107 in June this summer and I knew I wanted to create a design for him. The shirt is available for sale here, printed exclusively onto white clothing. I’m extremely proud to say that this shirt remains […]

Blue Chew On This

I created this design for ProWrestlingTees and it is available for sale here. The version that is for sale on PWT is censored, and is pictured below. This design was inspired by “They Live” and features Adam Page, who wrestles for AEW on TNT. ProWrestlingTees commissioned me to create this design, and it is based […]

Smooth Sailin’ Ashley Remington

Take A Risk

Praying Hands

I created “Praying Hands” after originally painting this design, pictured below.

Wild Pig Skull

Nothing to Wear

“Nothing to Wear” is a piece of commission art I completed for The MadLila, an eclectic vintage clothing shop in New Bedford, MA. The owner of the shop reached out to me looking for a design that would be featured on business cards, stickers, and other paper goods. Whenever I am sketching, I start by […]

New Bedford Eagle

I created the above image for the client, so they could see how the design would work on bags. I can’t wait for these to be printed so I can use these everywhere. After completing this project, I worked with a local designer to learn more about printing onto apparel. They taught me about bitmapping, […]

A Gift For You

Pictured above is a promotion that happened mid-July 2020 between New Bedford Luxury Exchange and The MadLila. The promotion was a raffle, and the winner received this $50 gift card AND the Louis Vuitton purse shown. I love seeing my designs come to life and interacting with other items- the color of the lettering is […]

Sneaker Portfolio

I sourced these images of the products from StockX or Google, and most were on dark grey backgrounds- I took them over into Photoshop and gave them a uniform background and adjusted the shadows for a more cohesive look.


I designed these 3 shoes for an assignment in Yellowbrick Sneaker Essentials course. The assignment was to design a low, mid and a high sneaker. I took inspiration from my hometown of New Bedford MA, AKA the Whaling City. I named this shoe the Ambergris- ambergris comes from the digestive tract in some whales and […]

What is Your Grail?

Above is another assignment to create a design for the FIT x Complex Sneaker Essentials Program. This assignment was to show what your grail is, to write about your connection to the shoe- why you want them or a story about how you got them, and of course putting all the information together in a […]

Happiness is Here!

I have a deep personal love for antiques- specifically post cards, paper goods, hand written notes. I wanted to draw from those things and create a design of my own. I find that on a lot of these antique post cards, people were writing a lot of very short notes to each other and don’t […]

Heart of Vancouver

“Heart of Vancouver” was part of a commission for a client, who was looking to feature Vancouver Washington on shirts printed onto recycled materials. This client was really looking to incorporate a vintage feel, with modern twists. The idea for this brand was that the shirts would be sold at local farmers markets, and the […]

Knot Your Babe

I created this design for a client who was about to open a custom crochet store on Etsy called Knot Your Babe. This client was really interested in challenging the idea that people who crochet are over 70 years old, and wanted to have a very modern tattooed woman crocheting front and center. This graphic […]

Theo Wolverine

Travel More

Cooper and Harley

Look at the Bright Side!

Never Stop Falling For Me


I sent the sketch pictured above, I was really liking the Lana Del Rey aspect of the flower crown. The client sent back more selfies because they thought the flower crown wasn’t truly showing the energy they were looking for.


Dice Eyes Panther


A Short Story

Rat Race


Pinup and Whale

“Pinup and Whale” is a completed commission for The MadLila. I always love the ideas that this client comes to me with. The original idea was for a pinup girl to be riding a whale, in the same position that you would ride a horse. I sent some preliminary sketches and then we worked together […]

Sacred Heart

Ship in a Bottle